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This is an exciting experiment we have done with our friends in Burundi, Ben and Kristy Carlson. They are an American couple who moved to Burundi with their kids to relentlessly work for better coffee and better terms for the people growing it.
We start roasting the "Wet fermentation" and continue with that as long as inventories last, and then continue with the "Dry fermentation", and eventually move on to the final "Double fermentation".

A single day lot, 9th June, was used to conduct this experiment. From a single hill, Gaharo Hill. On this day over 400 farmers from Gaharo delivered cherries to create this micro lot. The lot was evenly divided in three parts and proceed to pulp with their Mckinnon and ferment in three separate tanks.

Wet Fermentation

In the third tank we followed the same process as the Dry Fermentation. The difference was that instead of the “simple” Fermentation we filled the tank with fresh bore hole water upon the start of the fermentation process. A 16 hour fermentation was allowed fallowed by the same practical of agitation, grading and soak/rinsing as the other two experimental lots.

Origin: Burundi
Region: Kayanza
Producer: Long Miles Coffee Project 
Farm: Several small holders
Altitude: 1800+ masl
Variety: bourbon 
Taste notes: Citrus, currants and gooseberries
Taste category: 1 
Brewing process: Filter/Aeropress 
Coffee process: Washed
Certification: Direct Trade

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