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The family Menendez spearheaded by Miguel Menendez Sr. cultivates coffee with a character that is creamy sweet and has notes of milk chocolate, toffee and orange. They have nice yards located around the massif Apaneca in western El Salvador and we are proud to have traded coffee from them through the last four crop seasons. We buy coffee from their four farms Las Delicias, El Rosario, Buena Vista and Santa Barbara. The plantations are part of a biological corridor that stretches all the way from Mexico to Panama and the green massif is home to a diversity of birds, butterflies and insects. In addition to the typical Bourbon variety that grows in El Salvador Miguel test other varieties; like Pacamara, Geisha and Caturra.

The coffee Menendez prepares for us is cultivated between 1300-1600 meters and harvested in October-March. It processes the coffee as the washed method, but uses instead of traditional fermentation tanks so-called ECO-pulpers – who incredibly detailed instead removes the sweet mucilage already during the pulping. This provides increased control for Miguel and his colleagues at the processing station. It is not difficult to convey the joy and pride to have our friends, family Menendez coffee in our range and we hope that all who drink this sweet bourbon feel the hard work behind the coffee.

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Johan Damgaard, Founder and Captain of Johan & Nyström. »Brazil is by far the world’s largest coffee producer in terms of volume. A third of the world’s total coffee, more that 2.5 million tons annually, are produced in the country. If you travel through one of Brazil’s coffee regions -Minas Gerais, São Paulo or Paraná- you will see acres upon acres of industrial coffee plantations across the landscape

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Ethiopia produces what is possibly the world's best coffee, but it is at the same time a nation plagued by corruption and crippling bureaucracy. Oskar Garberg from our marketing team, together with Jimmy Palm and Lars Pilengrim travelled together to the motherland of coffee, in pursuit of a coffee that was good in all aspects of the word.

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ETHIOPIA WELENA — Welena is a clean, fresh and complex coffee, one of my all time favorits. Give it a try when the coffee cools down, amazing.
Lari Salomaa