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Harmoninen sekoitus, jonka maussa on aavistus suklaata ja karamellisoituja hedelmiä. Jälkimaussa on karvasmantelin sävyjä.

Espresso Isola on yksi kestosuosikeistamme. Klassinen espresso jonka mielenkiintoinen maku onnistuu kuitenkin nousemaan tavallisen yläpuolelle. Loistava espressona, mutta toimii hyvin myös cappuccinossa ja latessa.



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Ilmainen toimitus ostaessaan kolmea kahvia

 Ota kahvia ensin, maksa myöhemmin


Our coffee is always carefully selected. Handpicked by coffee farmers and friends who share our passion and interest in quality. Our philosophy is based on the origin, the farmers knowledge and full transparency from plant to cup.

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The coffee assortment is divided into two series; Original & Signature. The Original Series includes coffees and coffee blends with a traditional character and safe flavor width. The Signature Series consists of coffee which we are especially proud of, with challenging flavors that revolutionizes the concept of “a cup of coffee.”

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Welcome to our world of taste! Follow us on our culinary journey and find the character that suits you. All of our coffees belongs to one of the three taste categories below. The taste category is printed in the information box at the front of all products. That way you know what flavor you’d expect of the coffee, and you can easily find other products with similar tastes as a coffee you like. There is always a coffee you’ll love in our world of taste.

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Johan & Nyström assortment of coffee & tea fills the whole flavor spectra. There are a variety of brewing methods to choose from, everyone is different in their own way but in the end we can produce amazing results with all of the different methods. Obviously we have preconceived notions about how a coffee taste in a French press pot or how an Oolong tea tastes in a Japanese teapot, and often different brewing methods are associated with various kinds of coffee & tea.

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Johan & Nyström

Johan & Nyström was founded by a group of coffee-loving friends with the vision of a better coffee world. Our mission is to promote the craft by roasting tastier, more fun and more sustainable coffee. It’s not a job, it is a lifestyle and a passion. We will innovate, improve and challenge the coffee industry´s misconceptions about quality. We roast our beans according to an artisanal process called “slow roast” where the coffee develops all the good flavors and aromas inherent to the carefully selected beans. We hope you will enjoy our coffee just as much as we do.