Serve Coffee World Class

Better coffee for the people, we say, but what does that even mean? Well, we want as many people as possible to drink as good coffee as possible and the last line from the chain from plant to cup of course all the cafes and restaurants are out there!

Here we have provided you with our best arguments for why you should choose us as your coffee-& tea supplier! Contact us so you can talk to one of our great sales reps. who will make sure that you get to serve amazingly good coffee!

100% our passion


As a client of ours, you will be given the opportunity to take out an appropriate range of coffee professionals who specifically suit your business and needs, and we have coffee in various rusted profiles, from light roasted and fruity to dark roasted and robust. The width of our range means that you as a customer can feel safe and inspire at the same time. Many of our clients vary coffee place over the year, and we think that is, of course, a lot of fun!

What we burn for


What label do we put in our way of action? Direct Trade? That's a direct line. Handel without middleman? It would be a little easier to simplify and sometimes to make use of such a label. We wholeheartedly believe that we exclude the intermediaries that are not needed. In the coffee industry, there are very many unnecessary middlems that everyone should have paid. No matter what we call it, we're working for traceability and transparency.Read more about our philosophy here.

The funniest thing we know


We're working with some of the Northwest's most competent coffee mudds. Everyone who works with us has a great deal of knowledge and interest in coffee. Whether it relates to the roasting, order establishment or servicing of machines, the person who carries out the work is cruel for coffee. We're a bunch of trouble-solving people who do everything in order for you to be able to serve our coffee in the best way to your guests.



We realised early on that to deliver a taste experience beyond the ordinary, you need the right tools. In addition to the finest coffee, we also make sure you have the best equipment and service for it. And who would we be if we didn't also have best tea assortment?

Here you'll find our assortment of teas from Dear Tea Society.

the most important of all


The best coffee breaks out of people with control. We have that knowledge, and it's our best thing to share with it. That's why we offer training to all our clients. Choose among baristure urces, coffee rates, or why not a tea class? Our experience is that trained personnel who feel safe with the coffee are also selling more. That's a good one.

You wanna be a customer?