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We are a bunch of coffee lovers with the vision of a better coffee world. By rusting best, more fun and more sustainable coffee If we want to renew, improve and challenge the coffee industry. Our coffee is always carefully selected, hand-picked by coffee farmers and friends who share our passion and our interest in quality. Our philosophy is based on the origin, the cultivar's knowledge and full transparency from the plant to cup.

All the coffee we at Johan & Nyström are buying in are special coffee, which means that it has received over 80 points on a 100-degree scale. To achieve such high scores, the peasants are carefully taking care of their farms, their crops and, above all, their coffee trees. All farmers we work with are not certified according to the framework and regulations, but everyone works with sustainable methods and safeguards both the earth and those who usually.

Our purchasing philosophy is based on buying as much as we can from as few producers as possible. In this way, we can create long-term relationships with farmers who share our philosophy and together make a difference. For it is, in fact, it is by continuously premiering quality that we can raise the standard of coffee farmers worldwide.

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We thus buy a lot of the coffee that we stop in our espresso And bridge mixes, and so some special fun microcarlets that we will then launch as our Seasonal Origins during the year. In this way, we can take advantage of larger parts of each farm harvest than if we just bought some bags of a micro.

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We roast fresh coffee all year round because the harvesting periods vary across different parts of the world. With our concept of Seasonal Origin, we want to raise awareness of the importance of fresh coffee and raise all producers we work with. The result is a varied range during the year and limited inventory balance to ensure freshness. We always offer a breadth of the coffee where you can always find the taste character, even if the origin and products vary during the year.

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First-class accessories.

We have selected our favorite products when it comes to coffee makout.. We have everything from mills, scales, copper, jugs, filters and filter holders from the very best brands. We have botanized and selected what we ourselves use at home simply!

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For us is the knowledge surrounding coffee and tea as important as the drinks in themselves. The chain from the plant to cup is extremely long and the quality can be easily lost in lack of knowledge. We therefore offer a number of courses, both to you who have a cafe, restaurant or store, but also to those who are interested in private person!


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