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Dear Tea Society - Cool Miss Green

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Mangolla ja tyrnillä maustettu vihreä luomu tee - 20 kpl tee-pyramideja.

Green is an interesting color. It’s the color of the raging sea, the sweeping hills, the forests and the meadows, jealousy and dollar bills. It’s the color of grapes, snakes and four-leaf clovers. It’s also the signal to go ahead – to keep driving, keep trying, keep living.

All of the above makes green Ms Green’s favorite color. So when others go on and on about their need for yet more coffee, she takes a different route. She orders a cup of green tea with lively hints of mango and sea buckthorn for even more kick. She likes to keep on moving.

Ainesosat: Luomu musta tee, luomu rooibos, luomu mansikanpalat (3,5%), luomu karhunvatukanlehti, aromi, luomu kehäkukka, luomu vaniljanpalat.

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