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Nicaragua - Un regalo de Dios

13,90 €

Nicaragua Un Regalo De Dios is a fantastic coffee of the variety Pacamara, and offers fine flavour notes of red currants, lime zest and rose lemonade.

Luiz Alberto Balladarez owns several farms in this region, and Un Regalo de Dios is the highest one, situated at 1700 meters above sea level in the Dipilto Jalapa mountain range in the region Nueva Segovia. The dense surrounding canopy of shade trees provides a healthy fauna, as well as it gives the loamy sand soil rich humus. In a region that is generally dry and arid, Un Regalo de Dios becomes an oasis of cooler, humid air with cooler temperatures.

Luis is a man of great ambition and dedication, always trying to develop his coffee. Since we first met him in 2011 he has been cultivating different varieties and experimenting with different drying methods, always producing great quality with huge respect for the nature and people involved in the process.

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