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T-TE - Chai Masala, Refill

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This isn’t a tea. This is an indian spice cabinet disguised as a tea jar; far more than an annual average consumption of cinnamon, coriander, cloves and cardamom. Don’t drink it all at once, this is potent stuff that can make even the most uptight Scandinavian shimmy like a Bollywood dancer. Drink it with or without sugar, warm or steamed milk, while rubbed in holy oils while sitting in the lotus position. Or just sit on your Ikea sofa and let the full aroma fill your senses.  

20g loose leaf organic black tea, refill

We believe in Swedishness, both in terms of flavor and form. T-TEA is an honest, carefree, organic, and, above all, delicious tea concept from Johan & Nyström. 

Ingredients: Black tea Assam 58,5%*, tulsi leaves 7,5%*, coriander 7,5%*, cinnamon pieces 7,5%*, cardamom 5%*, ginger pieces 5%*, black pepper 5%*, clove 2,5%, natural flavour (cardamom, cinnamon) 1,5%

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