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T-TE - Mansikka & Omena, Refill

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Strawberry is a superstar of the flavor world. But as with stardom, being the number one taste has its drawbacks. It is great being recognized by everyone. But being in the spotlight all the time can take away your luster, making you seem desperate, unexciting and even a little cheap. What’s the solution? A red carpet event in glamorous company and knock-em-dead packaging with an entertaining text on the lid.

150g loose weight organic black tea, refill

We believe in Swedishness, both in terms of flavor and form. T-TEA is an honest, carefree, organic, and, above all, delicious tea concept from Johan & Nyström.

Ingredients: Black tea* (79%), rooibos* (7,5%), strawberry pieces* (3,5%), vanilla pieces* (3,25%), blackberry leaves* (2,5%), flavor (strawberry/apple/bergamot) (2,25%), marigold flowers* (2%).







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