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T-TE - Sitruunamelissa & Minttu

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According to Swedish food and health regulations its strictly forbidden to accredit foodstuffs with undocumented health benefits such as, "cleansing", "anti-inflammatory" or metabolically stimulating". So please cease and desist. To find oneself in conflict with a government body is not healthy for anyone.

125g loose weight organic green tea

We believe in Swedishness, both in terms of flavor and form. T-TEA is an honest, carefree, organic, and, above all, delicious tea concept from Johan & Nyström. 

Ingredients: Green tea, vervain leaves, lemon grass, horsetail, dandelion, mate green, spearmint leaves,lemon balm leaves, natural flavour (grapefruit, lime),willow bark, hemp leaves, red cornflower blossoms. 

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