Cool Miss Green
Cool Miss Green
Cool Miss Green
Cool Miss Green

Cool Miss Green

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Green is an interesting colour. It’s the colour of the raging sea, jealousy and dollar bills. It’s also the signal to go ahead. All of the above makes green Miss Green’s favourite colour. So when others go on and on about their need for yet more coffee, she orders a cup of green tea with lively hints of mango and sea buckthorn for even more kick.

Still your busy mind and get into a more alert and focused mood. Put a pep in your step with this green tea with mango and sea buckthorn.

Ingredients: green tea*, sea buckthorn pomace* (7,5%),mango pieces* (mango*, whole grain rice flour*) (7,5%),natural peach flavour, natural blood orange flavor, natural mango flavour (1%), lemon oil*, mandarin oil*. *Organic

Ingredienser: grönt te*, havtornsbitar* (7,5%), mangobitar* (mango*, fullkornsrismjöl*) (7,5%), naturlig persikoarom,naturlig blodapelsinarom, naturlig mangoarom (1%),citronolja*, mandarinolja*. *Ekologisk

inesosat: vihreä tee*, tyrnipalat* (7,5%), mangopalat*(mango*, täysjyväriisijauho*) (7,5%), luontainen persikka-aromi, luontainen veriappelsiinin aromi, luontainen mango-aromi (1%), sitruunaöljy*, mandariiniöljy*.  *Luomu

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