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Hi! If you have a great job and like your colleagues there’s no need to read on, but please share this ad with a friend.

We are looking for baristas to help lead the coffee revolution forward together with us in our beautiful shop at Katajanokka. Read on and we’ll try to explain why we love our jobs as much as we do.

You know what beats a really good cup of coffee? It’s being served that same cup of coffee by a vivacious barista with a twinkle in their eye, that perhaps knows your order as you step in the door and that sees it as their life’s purpose to give you the first coffee fix of the day. And come to think of it, all baristas have the potential super power of turning a really shitty morning into something truly memorable, by serving a perfect coffee, a greeting or a look. Wouldn’t you agree?

All of the colleagues working with Johan & Nyström have the same admirable features. Not because we’ve been super lucky in hiring the right people, that would be impossible, but rather because people change for the better as they become part of the team at Johan & Nyström.

Don’t get scared by reading this. We don’t expect you to be perfect from the start and we don’t think you’re already: Positive, a team player, service minded, a people person, product oriented, witty, engaged, an early riser and good at coffee to boot. All we want is that you have an open mind and heart so that you can absorb everything that we want to teach you. If you have some prior experience it will make it easier for you to hum to our tune over the noise of the steam wand as we teach you to steam perfect milk. But any of the skills mentioned above, your new colleagues can teach you. They will become your new family, and many lifelong relationships have started behind our coffee machines.

We love diversity and variation, when it comes to coffee, people, age, gender and passions. We don’t believe in one size fits all or that there is one single recipe for success. Except in always delivering a perfect experience for our guests (or patients, as we like to call our regulars.) They visit us at least once a week to enjoy an almost therapeutic warming of the heart and soul.

And I almost forgot! If you work in coffee you probably already know about us, but we’ll give you the short version here.

We are Johan & Nyström. The small coffee roastery that grew into a teenager and that is now challenging the conventions and the big players in the industry. We have done so since 2004 and the front line of our coffee mission is our stores. The people that work in our stores are our face to the rest of the coffee world. To reach more people and to get them to drink better, tastier and more sustainable coffee we need to be seen in more places. We need to recruit more people to fill our coffee temples. We need you.

So grab the computer and mail a CV and cover letter to Siiri at

Looking forward to hearing from you!