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The latest addition to our coffee heaven is placed in our dear neighbor, Finland. Here we are, a few steps from the presidential palace, near the harbor Katajanokka. With the opportunity to educate yourself, try one of the coffee machines in the exhibition or just swing by for a little inspiration and a cup of coffee or tea.

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Our stores


At Swedenborgsgatan 7, in the heart of southern Stockholm, you will find our combined concept store, training room, coffee and tea bar. We offer everything from the world of coffee and tea, ranging from amazing fresh roasted coffees cultivated by our Direct Trade farmers to special accessories from Japan.

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In addition to great coffee and tea, the origin of the coffee and farmers are important to us. We favor products based on the Fair trade and Direct trade operating models.

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Johan & Nyström at Work passionate about delivering Sweden’s best fresh roasted coffee to workplaces. Choosing specialty coffee is simple. Together with you, we make sure you get a good and tasty coffee in your workplace that suits you. We are a complete coffee solution provider with everything from self-roasted specialty coffee to coffee machines & service.

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Johan & Nyström currently has production in our historic premises in Tullinge, just south of Stockholm. Here we have our coffee lab, training facilities and corporate headquarters.

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Resedagbok -

An Ecological Paradise

Coffee industry causes many environmental problems, such as drought, spread of toxins and monoculture. Johan Damgaard, one of Johan & Nyström's founders, traveled with Lars Pilengrim to the farm FAF in Brazil to show our customers that coffee cultivation could also be something else: a genuine ecological paradise.

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Johan & Nyström

Johan & Nyström was founded by a group of coffee-loving friends with the vision of a better coffee world. Our mission is to promote the craft by roasting tastier, more fun and more sustainable coffee. It’s not a job, it is a lifestyle and a passion. We will innovate, improve and challenge the coffee industry´s misconceptions about quality. We roast our beans according to an artisanal process called “slow roast” where the coffee develops all the good flavors and aromas inherent to the carefully selected beans. We hope you will enjoy our coffee just as much as we do.