Lisa Nordén now starts her own foundation and launches an espresso together with Johan & Nyström to promote it.

Many of us have followed Lisa's career and thought to ourselves "how does she do it?!" For those who may have missed it, Lisa Nordén is an amazing athlete who belongs in the absolute elite of triathlon. She is Sweden's first female triathlete to go to the Olympics and also an Olympic medalist! She believes that all children and young people should have the opportunity to participate in sports and wants to contribute in her own way. 


As a child and for many years after, Lisa was a horse girl and a skilled equestrian, strongly encouraged by her devoted mother. It was her mother who, when Lisa was in her late teens, decided they should buy bicycles and ride to Italy. This trip would have a greater impact on Lisa's life than anyone could have imagined. After the 260 miles in the saddle, Lisa was hooked. It was like love at first sight - Lisa and the bike clicked and were made for each other. Soon, swimming and running were added to the mix, and the horses had to take a step back in the pursuit of triathlon.


Being an elite athlete requires a lot from a person - many long and tough workouts and a structured and well-thought-out life to get the body and mind to perform at their best. But even these super-performers are only human and need some relaxation and a sense of celebration sometimes. Since a classic after work get-together with drinks and late nights doesn't fit well with elite athletics, a coffee break with friends after the workout has become a sort of icing on the cake of life. And it has to be really good coffee. Lisa admits that cyclists are somewhat of gearheads - they need the right equipment and figure out the absolute best way to use it. From there, the road to specialty coffee, brewing methods, grind sizes, and origins is short. And the enjoyment of the result is a finish line as good as any!


Lisa owes much of her involvement in sports since she was young to her involved and supportive parents. Lisa knows how important it is to have sports and exercise at all ages and wants to give all children the opportunity - even those whose parents, for various reasons, have difficulty supporting and helping out. Finding something that feels fun is important, something that suits the individual child, and that's why triathlon is so great - running, swimming, and cycling can all be a favourite activity! And if you only want to focus on one of the disciplines, that's fine too - Lisa knows them all.


For many years, Lisa has supported foundations and initiatives that promote children's participation in sports in various ways. Now she's taking the next step and starting her own! To launch the Lisa Nordén Foundation, we have created a special coffee for cyclists, a highlight of a tough training day. The profits from the sale of the coffee go straight to the foundation and will create opportunities for children to find joy and companionship in sports or help a junior athlete to pursue their dreams!


The beginning of a lifelong athletic journey through triathlon. The foundation enables sustainable sports in a positive context through triathlon training for children and young people, all the way from a first encounter with the sport to an opportunity to pursue it at a high level. Time in nature, better health, the joy of movement, and mental well-being are all extra benefits they receive along the way!

The foundation's goals:

  • Provide opportunities for more children to have a playful first contact with sports
  • Be a support system during the athlete's upbringing and development within the sports
  • Contribute to a lifelong and sustainable involvement in sports


This is a dark roast espresso with an Italian bite and a chocolatey mouthfeel. It will catch the wind, make your step a little lighter and your wheels run a little longer.

The coffee is a blend of two different origins from producers with whom we have long-standing relationships. One is a washed coffee from Luis Balladarez in Nicaragua, with whom we have had the great pleasure of collaborating with since 2010, making him one of the producers we have worked with for the longest time. The other coffee is a natural processed coffee and comes from Sergio Francisco at Fazenda Agua Limpa in Brazil, with whom we have been buying coffee from since 2015. Both coffees are 100% Arabica and of specialty coffee quality.

All profits from the sale of the coffee, which will be available both in our online store and coffee bars, goes directly to the foundation to create opportunities for children to find joy and community in sports or to help a junior athlete follow their dreams.

You can find the coffee här.

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