The future of fika | J&N X NAIMA

Together we want to challenge the traditional fika. At Johan & Nyström, we do it with craft roasted specialty coffee. Naima does it with fika which empowers the body. Today, we proudly launch two raw snacks together.

First up, the Naima Chokladboll, made with one of our favourite coffees at Johan & Nyström. This coffee comes from the Croce family and FAF Coffees in Brazil, where a mix of Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Catuai varieties is carefully processed using the natural method. The result is a fruity and complex flavour profile, but it requires careful attention – something that the team at really FAF has!  

 The Croce family is committed to sustainability, making their farm, Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, a sanctuary for both people and the environment. They realized that their efforts were limited if their neighbors didn't also change their ways, so they formed a network of like-minded coffee producers who prioritize quality and sustainability. Today, FAF Coffees include a network of farmers, a center for coffee studies and an export company that transports coffee all over the world. Since 2010, we have been proud to source coffee from the Croce family, a relationship that aligns perfectly with our purchasing philosophy and Direct Trade program.

Our second snack is the Matcha Cheesecake, made by Naima using  Modest Matcha from Dear Tea Society. Matcha is a unique and versatile ingredient that maximizes the flavour and health benefits of green tea leaves. The organic Modest Matcha is a delight in itself, full of antioxidants!

At Johan & Nyström, we believe that combining the best of both worlds can lead to incredible creations, and these two snacks are no exception. These products will be available in our coffee bars but also for other cafes, hotels, restaurants and offices via Naima and their outlets.

Read more about these products and Naima here!


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